It is a disinfectant intended for the disinfection of premises: shops, offices, warehouses, schools, nurseries, apartments, houses, administrative premises, laboratories, clinics, hospitals …


“This powerful 5 L disinfectant for premises is recommended for cleaning, disinfection and degreasing of floors and surfaces in the area of ​​communities: schools, buildings, retirement homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. Ideal for plastic, tiling, marble, carpet, rubber floors, tables, walls, chrome, stainless steel, sanitary facilities, changing rooms, warehouses, collective kitchens, etc.

The product can dry on all types of surfaces. If this is not possible, leave to act for at least 15 minutes before wiping off. Your objects and surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

This disinfectant cleaner for floors and surfaces, has a wide spectrum of action, active against bacteria, molds, algae, etc. Indicated for the disinfection of premises and washable surfaces, recommended for hospitals, schools, nurseries, administrations, industry, sports establishments, sanitary facilities …

Stop Bact offers a complete range of products for the disinfection and hygiene of floors and surfaces. We guarantee the quality of products to the bactericidal standard in force.

A significant number of bacteria accumulate on your surfaces and floors. To combat them, our team recommends products for disinfecting floors and surfaces specially designed to make your environment clean and healthy. Stop Bact products are essential for cleaning and to fight against the spread of all types of bacteria and viruses on floors, walls, countertops and more.

You will find on our website a range of powerful disinfectants and equipment. You can reach our team for any advice regarding the purchase of your disinfectant products. We will provide you with a disinfectant that will meet your needs.

Enjoy fast delivery and products at the best value for money.”

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