Plexiglass screen

It is an ideal solution for returning to work with peace of mind and security. These panels are very easy to assemble since they are supplied with their stand to be installed offering separation between employees.

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The plexiglass protective screen protects all people who greet the public, cashiers, public service employees, all types of stores, businesses, pharmacies, supermarkets, against postilions, viruses, seasonal epidemics.
The plexiglass protective screen (transparent plexiglass screen) acts as a blocking barrier against projections of spray and droplets due to sneezing.

We make tailor-made “anti-coronavirus” protections.

They are fully personalized, the height is made to measure. A custom document holder can also be adapted.

The models were designed for visitors / customers sitting in front of a reception desk or standing in front of a reception desk.
Allows you to keep a safe distance
Models to put on a desk or table or to put on a reception desk
Very stable thanks to their 2 interlocking feet,

  • Mobile
  • 100% transparent
  • Easy to clean
  • Limits direct contact
  • Protects against projections, postilions …
  • With 1 slot for products and documents

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L 58 x H 74 cm, L 74 x H 90 cm, L 95 x H 72 cm

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