Surface / Volume: up to 150m² / 375m³
2 ventilation speeds: 110 m³ / h – 190 m³ / h
Purification: up to 74 gr / day
Lamp: OXYMORE UVA 55 or UVC 55 of 55W
Media: OXYMORE ULTIMATE: Activated carbon + self-regenerating TiO²
Colors: Anthracite Gray (Ral 7016) White (Ral 9003)
Power and power: 220V – 80W
Design: epoxy sheet
Dimensions (H x W x D): 740 x 250 x 250 mm
Weight: 11 kg
Low maintenance: every 10,000 h
French design and manufacture
Guarantee: 3 years parts and labor excluding consumables. After-sales service in France.
Patented system certified AFNOR in accordance with standard NF EN60335-1, Directives 2014/35 / EU and 2006/42 / CE
The tests were carried out in accordance with standards XP-B44-013 and PR NF EN 16846-1
Device complying with the French QAI 2015-1926 decrees of December 30, 2015 and 2015-1000 of August 17, 2015, covering indoor air quality requirements


The OXYMORE HIMALAYA Air Purifier is part of a complete line of unique and innovative devices dedicated to air purification by photocatalysis.

Our OXYMORE HIMALAYA Air Purifier infinitely purifies and continuously improves your environment to achieve optimum air quality. Thanks to its self-regenerating filtering medium and its optimized ventilation, OXYMORE photocatalysis captures and destroys all volatile organic pollutants.

This permanent recycling technology decreases the viral load of your direct environment and naturally cleanses the media and the air passing through it, as long as your purifier remains on …

From the hotel room to the smoking lounge, from the medical room to elementary school, the OXYMORE purifier collection adapts to all volumes of air to be treated without volume restrictions.

Relating to redox in chemistry, Photocatalysis is an oxidation technology where a catalyst media is naturally activated by the combination of UV radiation and oxygen present in the air.

By the action of oxidation, the molecular chains of organic pollutants in the atmosphere are broken down as they pass between UV light and the media.

A non-selective technology, it attacks all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air, breaks them down to 99.99% and transforms them into healthy and purified air.

Mobile, powerful and autonomous air purifier.
It purifies indefinitely by the combination of its self-regenerating Oxymoron ULTIMATE media and its UVA or UVC lamp up to 375 m3 .
Destroys VOCs such as Chemical pollutants (Formaldehyde, Radon, CO2, NOX …), Biological pollutants (Viruses, Bacteria, Molds, Mites, Allergens …) present in the atmosphere.
HIMALAYA purifies 74G OF VOCs PER DAY unlike HEPA or activated carbon filters which can only capture a defined weight of VOCs requiring them to be checked and changed regularly.
Ideal for public places, medical rooms, large offices, meeting rooms and spaces requiring healthy and irreproachable air.
Maintenance reduced to its simple expression: replace the saturation dust filter and change the lamp once a year.

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