AIRCARE non-contact infrared thermometer

Non-contact infrared thermometer

  • Allows you to measure a person’s temperature in 0.5 seconds
  • Measures the temperature of the body, objects and liquids (Water, Milk, etc.)
  • Recalls the last 32 temperature readings
  • Temperature measurement distance between 5 to 10 cm


Our Frontal Thermometer is a necessity for any commercial or industrial unit where several employees work during this COVID-19 period since it is an essential tool to protect staff from a possible spread of the coronavirus or (inter contamination) …

This Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer uses infrared rays to identify an object’s surface temperature by measuring the energy level of infrared rays emitted from the object without physically contacting it.

  • LCD screen
  • Measures the temperature of the chamber
  • Measure the temperature in the second.
  • Measure the temperature of the body, fluid and chamber
  • 3 backlights
  • Silent mode option
  • 2 temperature modes ℃ and ° F
  • Memorize the last 32 temperature readings.
  • Fever alert over 37.5 ℃ / 99.5 ° F
  • CE certification. FCC

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